Terms & Conditions

Conditions for enter/terminating a contract

Any Contract/Trade or Deal/Agreement shall have at the base a Good Will from parts involved and start under Gentlemen's Agreement rules.

E-Commerce Regulations apply If a Deal/Agreement is cancelled by any of the parts, the part must pay the costs so far made in achievement of the main target of the agreement.

Deal/Agreement is made between a buyer/beneficiary and a seller/provider. The Buyer/Beneficiary shall support the final bill. The Seller/Provider shall respect the quality standards as commitment.

The Seller/Provider shall estimate (within 10% error) the cost and the rewards/profit and offer to the buyer for acceptance before entry under an Agreement/Deal. Buyer/Beneficiary shall not ask for extra services or products outside the Deal/Agreement. Payment shall be made upfront or in the time given otherwise a Collection Agency and their fees will be exercise.

Misleading one each other, initiator/malevolent will support the cost or loss. At all the time, under and after a Deal/Agreement invoices and receipts will be archived and provide if requested.

If there is a need of a mediator 3rd party the fees shall be supported by the malevolent.

As a general rules, if there a loss is registered then shall be split to minimise it.